Wednesday, September 7, 2016


[From a family representative]

We are very sorry to announce that the Baron has taken his final flight. We hope that his readers have enjoyed his musings and insights over the past few years as much as he enjoyed posting his thoughts to his followers and fans. 

Although some of you might want to leave a few of your own thoughts, it is not certain that comments can be reviewed or posted in the future. 

Please enjoy the Baron's past postings, which we hope will continue online for as long as cyberspace allows.

Farewell to the Baron, as he fades into the clouds above.....

Monday, August 15, 2016


.....Well, here I am again...and not too well to say the truth.  I have not been very well to speak of.  I am beginning to really hate it here in Huntington Lakes and I am exhibiting (to myself) symptoms of "PTSD" which derive from WWII experiences--all of which I have never  discussed--going back as far as 1942.  Yes, give the issue a fancy name which is in fancy letters which no one understands, let alone the condition.  Anyway, I just got out of hospital where I was told that I had PNEUNOMIA because I had trouble breathing . My left leg was leaking water. 

......Right now, something "bad" seems to be happening every day and I'm getting tired of it. In addition, I can't write, I can't read, I can't perform,  I have no friends and few acquaintances. Everyone I once valued has passed away. Not my fault.  And terrorists are in the news every day. Perhaps even Don Trump could be considered a terrorists by effusive right wingers. You think?  I once enjoyed myself here back in the 80s and 90s. But no more. No more poker, no more golf, no more performing, no more writing, no more teaching Shakespeare plays. No more cruising--or running.  And I'm getting BORED. Getting old-er sucks. It's an experience I have never had to deal with. Any way my son and daughter-in-law are coming shortly. I will enjoy their visit immensely!

.......Now even RH+ is suffering from the getting-older disease. Short-term memory problems.  So then--both of us have longings. Now what?
At 3pm I have a doctor's appointment. Will have Nathan's hot dog for lunch, cotton candy, ice cream, and have my vitals checked. OH BOY!

Thursday, June 30, 2016


.....After a few deliberations RH+ left for NY this morning.  At first she didn't want to go. Then she felt she needed to see Ally graduate from H.S. Then she said she would not go if there was not to be someone in the house to care for me. I told her that I didn't think that was necessary since I was perfectly able to care for myself. I'm not your ordinary nonagenarian. At any rate I emailed you guys to see if anyone wants that job; son Bobby said that he would come. So Rho decided that she would go. I proceeded to get her a ticket to JFK. After I got the ticket, she was very upset because she really didn't want to go to NY because it would be too much for her. I offered to cancel her flight and to tell Bobby to do the same, but now she said she would go again. She accused me of buying the ticket without her approval--but this was not the case. By this time I needed a Xanax--maybe two.  At any rate she did take off this morning and  hopefully she enjoyed the business class seat I got for her.   

.....Now, I don't know how many readers I had who enjoyed reading the nonsense I wrote, not how many continued reading the blog as a way of flogging themselves for the sins they may have committed--and we all may have stored away a few. At any rate, I simply cannot refrain from getting back to creating a post or two, even though it's become very difficult to do so. 

June 30
.....Well Bobby came and now he's back home in D.C.  But he was a delight when he was here. As far as taking care of me, he put on my shoes and socks and rubbed my arms and legs with lotion. My skin is like paper. I woke each morning with blood on the sheets and when Rho came home, she had to wash and change the sheets each morning until now.  All the bandages are off and where I had them they are now "scabby".  One day Bobby and I drove to the Florida Lottery Office in Okeechobee to cash in my $1000 winning scratch off ticket.  However, the agent there rejected my IDs. I showed her my VA ID which was not good enough for Florida. Then I showed her my DOD ID card (Dep't of Defense) which she would not accept. She insisted on a Florida ID card which I got along without for 30 years. So I transferred the ticket to Bobby. She accepted his driver's license from D.C.!! Smoke came out of my ears. She accepted an ID from D.C. but rejected a VA card and a U.S Gov't card from the Department of Defense!! Bobby took the $1000 check and endorsed it over to me, and I deposited it in my checking account.  Stupidity did not win out.
.....Hi Ruthie--Sorry I haven't been able to use my computer because I just haven't been well enough to get on it to write anything to anybody. Now, I feel OK so I want to thank you again if I haven't already for the lovely card.  Well, I suppose you have heard about the 41 people who were shot to death in the Pulse Club for gays, and the horror in Turkey. Where is God? Napping, I suppose.  No matter, I worship Zeus. I've been reading about Britain and Brexit. Or is it Brisket? Rhoda makes a pretty good Brisket if Mr. Cameron wishes to indulge himself on it.  Personally, I don't understand why the UK held a vote involving Brisket? I suppose you have your own Trumps. 
..... and as Mr. Pope might say, "and so good night".